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We are passionate about Pennsylvania cheese!

We have a wide selection of cheeses sourced from Pennsylvania artisan, farmstead, and specialty cheesemakers. We cultivate a relationship with each cheesemaker, then source the best of what they offer. 

Shop owner accepts cheese from cheesemaker outside red and white barn

What You Can Expect

We are committed to providing the best cheese experience possible. Our shop is a place where cheese lovers can come together to:

  • Explore new flavors on our cafe menu and at the cheese counter

  • Virtually meet the farmers and cheesemakers through storytelling, and sometimes in person!

  • Learn how to identify different styles of cheese

  • Learn how to pair cheese with other foods and beverages

  • Have fun at cheese-centered events like paint and cheese nights, ladies nights and more!


We are always happy to share our knowledge and help you discover new cheeses that you'll love. Cheese is a versatile and delicious food that can be enjoyed in many different ways, and we're here to help you find your perfect cheese match.

Our Background and Experience

Stephanie Beeman stumbled upon her future in a Galway alley while visiting Ireland. That day, she learned that cheese shops are actually a thing and she fell in love with the idea of bringing a similar experience to her hometown.

Education and Work

Prior to starting Central Wedge, Stephanie worked in dairy and agriculture industry for more than 15 years. Her high school and college education included dairy science, agribusiness, international agriculture and agriculture communications. She understands how a farmer's production choices impact the quality and flavor of their cheese, which she shares with you through stories and trivia at the cheese counter. 

Her culinary experience includes many years of baking and processing local foods at Beeman’s Baked Goods. Her agriculture experience includes caring for cows, goats, sheep and swine. 

Read more about Stephanie's story here

How That Helps You

Stephanie assesses all cheeses prior to offering them for sale to learn their characteristics and she considers how you will prepare and serve them in your home. Her training includes identifying cheese types, how to cut and care for cheese and evaluation of pairings. For each farmer that we work with, Stephanie seeks to understand their production practices so we can share their story with you. With a lifelong love of all things dairy, nothing makes Stephanie happier than meeting a cheesemaker, trying their cheese, then introducing it to you!

Chalkboard easel promotes a balanced diet of cheese in one hand and wine in the other
Cheese shop owner hugs wheel of cheese

Our Mission

To ensure that Central Wedge provides the highest quality cheese, to enrich the lives of others, and highlight the passionate people that produce Pennsylvania cheeses.

Our Vision

Central Wedge sources artisan, farmstead and specialty cheese, primarily from Pennsylvania cheesemakers, and incorporates those cheeses into educational and entertaining experiences that nourish the lives of our customers and community.

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